Largest option trades in equities


Nearing the halfway mark in today's session, here are the individual equity names with the most call and put buying on optionMONSTER's ActionTracker data system.

McGraw Hill Financial (MHFI): An investor bought 3,977 May 77.50 calls for $1.76 and sold an equal number of May 82.50 calls for $0.39. Known as a call spread, the trade cost $1.37 and will earn a profit of 265 percent if the shares close at $82.50 or higher on expiration. MHFI rose 1.33 percent to $75.52.

Ocwen Financial (OCN): Some 6,000 April 35 puts were sold for $0.55 as investors look for the loan servicer to hold its ground. OCN rose 0.68 percent to $38.54.

InterPublic (IPG): some 7,600 May 18 calls were bought, mostly for $0.35, as investors look for upside in the advertising firm. IPG rose 2.33 percent to $17.14.

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