From Learn-to-Code to Code-to-Work: Treehouse Kicks off Program to Help Students Land Coding Jobs

Platform Aims to Move Students out of the Classroom, into Careers

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PORTLAND, Ore., June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Treehouse, an online education platform that teaches anyone how to code, today launched its Code-to-Work initiative with a new Career Resources Center to help its students land a new technology job, launch their own computer-based career or advance their current profession. The career resources page is now available to all Treehouse students at

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To date, Treehouse has trained over 162,000 students with the skills needed to succeed in technology and computer science careers. However, with a projected one million more computer programming jobs than there will be skilled workers to fill them by the year 2020, Treehouse is committed to finding better ways to move students from job-ready to job-secured more quickly through its Code-to-Work initiative.

"Our mission is to lead our students from the online coding classroom into the workplace," said Ryan Carson, co-founder and CEO of Treehouse. "We realize that acquiring the right skills is just one piece of the puzzle. By teaching our students how to capitalize on their talent and navigate the job search process, we're helping them acquire computer science jobs of the future."

In an asynchronous learning environment that mimics how Treehouse teaches students to code, the company's new Career Resources Center offers the following:

  • Career & Business Courses – these educational tracks and workshops guide Treehouse designers and developers through the job search process to make them completely job-ready. Classes support professional careers as well as those looking to build their own business, and include How to Write a Business Plan, How to Apply for a Design Job and more.
  • Job Search Support – this includes a jobs board to help developer and design students uncover timely information on career opportunities and local in-person networking events. Navigation sessions are also offered to help new professionals identify the types of computer jobs that will align best with their passions and skills.
  • Job Placement Support – students are offered tactical tips such as resume building and interviewing skills as well as "soft skills" training on topics like time management, communication and teamwork.

Following Ryan Carson's belief that the best way for Treehouse students to get on someone's radar is to create something, the Center helps students build robust project portfolios by providing quick-start templates with suggestions for projects that enhance students' existing portfolios and better showcase their skills and capabilities. These online "Workspaces" can then be shared with prospective employers during the interview process.

"We want to make the entire job search experience a breeze for our students because we realize that moving people from a learning environment to the workplace is the next challenge facing the coding industry," said Carson. "Our Career Resources Center is another step toward our goal of 100 percent job placement for Treehouse students in the technology careers they're most passionate about."

To learn more about Treehouse, it's Career Resources Center or to start a free trial, visit

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The Treehouse mission is to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world. As members of the Treehouse community, students can learn to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, build web apps with Ruby on Rails and PHP, learn about user experience, how to start a business, and much more. Through 1000+ video tutorials, quizzes, and code challenges created by expert teachers, students can learn to code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and SQL. For more information, visit

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