LifeYield Announces Agreement with Franklin Templeton Investments to Bring Social Security Optimizer™ to Advisors

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LifeYield, LLC today announced an agreement to develop a customized version of LifeYield’s Social Security Optimizer for Franklin Templeton Investments. Franklin Templeton plans to make this tool available to financial advisors later this year.

As Baby Boomers move into retirement, maximizing Social Security benefits has become increasingly important to investors and their advisors. LifeYield’s solution is comprehensive and easy for advisors to use with investors in helping to determine the optimal time to file for Social Security benefits, and it also provides suggested actionable guidance on how make the filing.

“With so many different types of client situations, determining how and when to start receiving Social Security income is a decision that should be made by considering, among other factors, all sources of retirement income a household has, or will have, available,” said Mark Hoffman, LifeYield’s CEO. “LifeYield enables advisors to offer best-of-breed guidance, tailored to each client. We are excited to collaborate with Franklin Templeton, a leader in bringing innovative thinking around retirement income to the market.”

“We look forward to working with LifeYield to introduce a customized Social Security tool to assist advisors in effectively incorporating this vital component into their retirement income planning,” said Michael Doshier, vice president of Retirement Marketing for Franklin Templeton Investments. “This new tool will enhance the suite of resources we offer through our Income For What’s Next program, which helps to address the complexities and changing reality of retirement today and provides advisors with practical tools to help their clients develop long-lasting retirement income investment strategies.”

All of LifeYield’s decision support tools have been developed for advisors to be easy-to-use while providing high utility in answering their clients’ foremost questions. The LifeYield Social Security Optimizer is LifeYield’s latest offering and has been met with much enthusiasm in the marketplace, with Franklin Templeton being the latest premier financial firm to adopt its use.

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Coordinated Account and Income Management Software. LifeYield's mission is to provide advisors and their clients with tools that seek to maximize their assets. By considering a client's various assets - including investment accounts, Social Security benefits, and other income sources - together in a holistic and tax-optimal way, advisors can deliver to their clients potentially better results during accumulation, in transition, and throughout retirement. LifeYield's software can help to achieve better results for investors and help demonstrate the added value the advisor brings. LifeYield was founded by successful financial technology industry veterans and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, please contact Jack Sharry at or 617-502-5665, or visit

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