Ligand announces data from preclinical LGD-7455 studies

Ligand Pharmaceuticals announced that data from preclinical studies on its granulocyte colony stimulating factor receptor agonist program were featured in a poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology. In preclinical studies, Ligand evaluated the ability of LGD-7455 to stimulate neutrophil counts in cynomolgus monkeys and investigated the role that metal ions play in the activity of LGD-7455 on the G-CSF receptor. Additionally, the effects and mechanisms of LGD-7455 on tumor cell growth were examined. The key findings include: LGD-7455 is a novel small-molecule, selective human G-CSFR agonist that activates the receptor in a manner distinct from native G-CSF, but similar to the mechanism of small-molecule oral thrombopoietin receptor agonists; LGD-7455 significantly increases peripheral blood neutrophils, demonstrating the first reported proof-of-concept for a small molecule G-CSFR agonist in a primate model; LGD-7455 inhibits tumor cell growth and increases apoptosis, mediated by intracellular metal chelation and an increase in reactive oxygen species formation.

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