LOCiMobile Launches New Enterprise Work Force Tracking App: ''TMWF''


Los Angeles, Calif. - LOCiMOBILE®, Inc. a wholly ownedsubsidiary of GTXCorp (GTXO), has launched its first enterprise app for companies looking toeffectively track and monitor their work force in real time. Track My WorkForce (“TMWF”) is currently available for download on iTunes, and based on itsearly success, is in development for release on the Android platform. Oncedownloaded on either an iPhone or iPad, the app works in the background andreports the whereabouts of that device back to the GTX Corp monitoring backend.The app was designed for small to medium size companies that have a mobilesales or service work force and need to know the location of their reps in realtime. Companies in the U.S., Canada, Czech Republic and Morocco, in industriesincluding transportation, construction, plumbing, IT, medical andpharmaceutical, have already deployed the TMWF app and the GTX backendmonitoring platform.

JackDaynes, from the Diamond Group stated, “Our diamond delivery business reliesheavily on our travelling sales representatives in order to maintain relationswith existing customers as well as meeting new ones. GTX Corp’s Track My WorkForce app was extensively tested during our system trial. The results were suchthat we implemented the program immediately and haven't regretted it in theslightest. Both the pricing, and the service that we’ve received have exceededour expectations”

Leveragingthe mass adoption of smart phones and tablets in the work force companies allover the world can easily deploy this technology. Last month a pharmaceuticalcompany based out of Morocco that services 25,000 pharmacies across several North African countries deployed the appfor 150 of its sales reps.

“Weare very pleased with the initial feedback and potential of this app,” statedPatrick Bertagna GTX Corp CEO. “There are tens of thousands of companies allover the world that can benefit and increase customer service, productivity andsecurity from 2 way GPS technology and our now able to implement thistechnology with a simple download.”

The TMWF app is an efficient and cost-effective wayfor business owners and managers to keep track of and manage their mobile workforce. It’s faster and safer than textmessaging and allows the worker to focus on the task at hand rather thanspending valuable time calling HQ to check in and report. The app costs $9.99initially, and there is an additional monthly monitoring service fee that costsaround $5.00 per user per month.

TheCompany provides afree 2 week evaluation for any business with more than 5 employees, and customsolutions along with a licensable white label platform for larger companies.

About GTX Corp (GTXO)

GTX Corp is a holding company that owns and operatesthree subsidiaries engaged in the burgeoning $13 billion global LBS/GPSPersonal Location Services business. GTX was founded in2002, became publicly traded in 2008, and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles

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