Lockheed, Pentagon cite improved F-35 quality work since end 2012


WASHINGTON, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Lockheed Martin Corp has resolved many quality problems on the $392 billion F-35fighter jet program since a troubling audit by the Pentagoninspector general's office last year, top U.S. government andindustry officials said on Monday.

The officials were commenting on a report on the inspectorgeneral's audit, which was completed in December 2012 but notreleased until Monday. The report identified hundreds of qualityissues.

The report faulted both the Pentagon's F-35 program officeand the Defense Contracts Management Agency for "inadequate" and"ineffective" oversight of the Pentagon's costliest weaponsprogram, which it said could lead to "nonconforming hardware,less reliable aircraft, and increased cost."

The report said the F-35 program office was implementingcorrective actions.

The Pentagon's deputy F-35 program director and Lockheedexecutives cited significant improvements since the inspectorgeneral's assessment concluded in December 2012.

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