Look No Further for Investment Security, Strong ROI Potential: Oliveri Development Seeks Partners for Residential Real Estate Ventures

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PARAMUS, N.J., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Promising low risk and healthy returns, Oliveri Development LLC is asking hedge fund managers, private investment bankers, and high net worth individuals to consider partnering with the company on new opportunities within the real estate market. Since 2007, the company has been successfully rehabbing rental properties, turning them into highly profitable operations. Now, Oliveri Development is seeking to expand its presence in northern New Jersey and is inviting curious investors to view its prospectus.

Despite the rampant optimism, the stock market will never shed its reputation for uncertainty. Safer investments, such as bonds and CDs, necessarily mean smaller yields. When managed professionally, real estate combines the best of both worlds: appealing profitability, sustainability, and shelter from turbulence. The team at Oliveri Development believes they've engineered a winning strategy for making serious money in real estate without losing sleep at night worrying about the solvency of a particular investment.

Oliveri Development targets 3–10 unit apartment buildings in lower income neighborhoods. The company acquires the property, rehabilitates it, and then refinances it. Investors are recouped as soon as the property is successfully refinanced, and then all parties see returns in the form of rental income. With working capital left over, Oliveri Development moves on to the next investment property and begins the process over again.

According to Founder Carmelo Oliveri, the company's business model keeps expenses down and profits up. "Residential real estate investment is an evergreen opportunity to grow and diversify any portfolio. Whether the economy is up or down, we can increase the value of our holdings and promise a good return. By focusing on distressed properties, we're also helping to sustain value within neighborhoods. It's truly a win-win situation for all involved."

The company makes every effort to reduce the risk and exposure of investors. By never borrowing more than 75% of the total after-repair value, plenty of equity is available from day one. Oliveri Development achieves spectacular cost efficiency by virtue of having both licensed real estate brokers and licensed general contractors on staff. The company never subcontracts the work of rehabilitating properties.

Oliveri added: "Because we make our money on rents rather than sales of properties, we're actually well insulated from another event like the real estate bubble of 2008. We definitely take the long view as we assess which properties to buy next."

In the near term, Oliveri Development is planning to add larger properties to its portfolio, perhaps moving from 3–7 unit apartments to 15–30 unit complexes. Participation from the investment community will make this possible.

About Oliveri Development LLC

In business for five years, Oliveri Development is a real estate investment company specializing in distressed multi-family units in northern New Jersey.


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