A.M. BestTV: Horse Hazards: Mitigating Risk Down on the Farm

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This episode of A.M. BestTV looks at the risky business of owning a horse farm. Whether it is fire, disease or the unpredictable nature of horses, equine insurers and horse farm operators say risk enters into every aspect of the business. Susan Nanejian, an equine insurance agent at Blue Bridle Insurance Agency with 20 years of experience in agriculture business, called horse farms a “high risk environment.” Perhaps the biggest risk, said Nancy Hudock, team manager at Blue Bridle, located in Pittstown, N.J., comes from contact with general public. Additionally, hay storage, she said, creates significant fire hazards. The two said that the specialty coverage typically incorporates protection for barns, tack (equipment such as saddles and bridles) and machinery, along with care coverage for when horses travel to shows, veterinarians or to a new home. Premium costs, which also factor in insuring the horse itself, can add up depending on the size of the farm and services. As Linda Dietz, owner of Red Tail Farm in Bedminster, N.J., noted, “I’m insured for everything.” Click on www.ambest.com/v.asp?v=horsefarm1213 to view the video program.

People who appear in this episode include:

  • Nancy Hudock, Team Manager, Blue Bridle Insurance Agency;
  • Susan Nanejian, Equine Insurance Agent, Blue Bridle Insurance Agency; and
  • Linda Dietz, Owner, Red Tail Farm.

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