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In this episode of A.M. BestTV, insurers and marketers explain how they seek to develop personality and likeability for their products through a rigorous choice of spokespeople, mascots or characters. As more insurance companies pour money into advertising and marketing campaigns, the familiarity with the characters—such as Progressive’s “Flo,” the GEICO Gecko, Farmer’s “Professor Burke” and Allstate’s “Mayhem”—has increased. Jennifer Egeland, director of Integrated Marketing Communications at Allstate, said that because insurance is an intangible product or service, they use spokespeople to “assign some attributes” to the product. Peter van Aartrijk, president and CEO of Aartrijk, said these well-known personalities bring humanity, humor and emotion into the insurance marketing space. Click on http://www3.ambest.com/ambv/displaycontent/video.aspx?vid=spokespeople319 to view the program.

Additionally, this episode takes a 60-second look at key insurance industry-related reports and research out recently.

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