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AirAsia Group chief executive officer (CEO) TonyFernandes is planning to venture into the healthcare sector inthe future, he said in a presentation at the World CapitalMarket Symposium on Wednesday.

The founder of AirAsia said building a hospital has alwaysbeen his "dream". He noted that hospitals are inefficient, whileacknowledging that the more affordable option of statehealthcare is insufficient to serve everyone's needs.

"If we can find something that is a bit more affordable,slightly more expensive that state but 80 percent cheaper thanprivate health, you can take a lot of the state's burden andpeople will get better service," he said.

Speaking to journalists after his presentation, Fernandessaid he believes that as the nation ages, healthcare will becomea big portion of the budget. He said his concept for thehospital will be focused on affordability.-The Edge



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