Manilla Eats: Shamrock Truffle Pie

Jennifer Wieland
March 12, 2014


Courtesy of Jennifer Wieland
Courtesy of Jennifer Wieland

Courtesy of Jennifer Wieland


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Many cities and towns throughout the country have parades and celebrations in honor of this Irish holiday. People will have friends and family over to enjoy a pint and some corned beef and cabbage and share some good times. So how are you going to follow that up? Well, with dessert of course. In honor of this day of green and shamrocks, I decided to come up with a pie that could easily be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen until needed.

This Shamrock Truffle Pie is chocolate, peppermint and green at it’s finest. An Oreo pie crust is topped with a rich, green, peppermint ganache. Then that is topped with even more green, minty goodness. How could you go wrong with that for your St. Paddy’s Day dessert to share with friends and family?

Shamrock Truffle Pie

1 Oreo pie crust

1 c. Guittard green mint chips

3 tbsp. heavy whipping cream

1 3.4 oz. box of vanilla instant pudding

1 ¾ c. milk

1 ½ c. whipped topping + more to decorate with

½ tsp. Peppermint extract

10-15 drops of food coloring

1 oz. of finely chopped chocolate for decorating (optional)

Place the green mint chips in a large bowl. Heat heavy whipping cream until bubbles start forming around the edge. Pour the cream over the green mint chips and let it sit for two minutes. Stir until smooth and then pour the ganache into the pie crust. Place in the refrigerator or freezer to firm up.

Place the instant pudding mix into a large bowl and whisk in the milk. Continue to whisk for two minutes until it is thickened. Place in the refrigerator for five minutes and then fold in the whipped topping, peppermint extract and the food coloring. Pour this into the pie crust and use a spatula to smooth out the top. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use. When ready to serve, top with chopped chocolate and whipped topping if desired.

Jennifer Wieland is a freelance writer from the Chicago area. She blogs at My Sweet Sanity where she bakes and blogs her way through her often crazy life.

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