Manilla Mini: Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Marc Karasu
July 16, 2013

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Let’s face it: Interviewing can be stressful and your nerves can get the best of you, but there are some easy job interview tips to ensure you up your chances of getting the job. Make sure you present your best self when interviewing by avoiding these six mistakes.

1. Not dressing the part

Your clothing should always be crisp, clean and professional. Remember, this is a first impression and you want to signal to your interviewer that you are well put together.

2. Being unprepared

Research the position, the company, and come to the interview with a copy of your resume or portfolio. You should never enter an interview without a clear understanding of the position and how you can be valuable to the company.

3. Saying too much

It is possible to give too much information in an interview. Refrain from rambling on, straying from the point, and providing deeply personal answers that are probably best left for your shrink.

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4. Badmouthing your former employer

If you’re leaving your job because of a bad relationship with your former employer, keep the details to yourself. Move past this sticky subject gracefully by keeping it short and emphasizing the positive. Nothing is more unattractive to a future employer than disloyalty.

5. Failing to ask questions

Questions indicate to your interviewer that you’ve thought meaningfully about the position and have visualized yourself working there.

6. Not following up

It’s shocking, but the majority of people do not follow up after interviews. Take the opportunity to say thank you and reiterate your interest in the position. Your interviewer will think more highly of you and is more likely to consider you for the position than someone who did not follow up.

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