Marie Claire & Manilla: Entertaining on a Budget

Caroline Wright
March 3, 2014

You can live like a VIP on dime store budget. Here are some easy ways how. Check out these fun cheap activities!

1. Sporting events. Love live sports or just looking for something new to do? Check out amateur sporting events for cheaper tickets and food prices. If you love the pros, look for discounted tickets on Stubhub and Craigslist.

2. Buy tickets in person. Buying tickets online is convenient, but you pay a small fortune in service charges. Suddenly, a $25 ticket is costing you $40. To avoid these fees, simply walk up to the ticket booth in person.

3. Free concerts. Tons of cities offer free concerts in the summer. Check out local events in your newspaper or online for upcoming headlines.

4. Outdoor movies. What’s better than watching a movie with your closet friends? Try watching a movie with thousands of your neighbors! Free outdoor movies are a great way to spend a summer evening in the city you love.

5. Museums. Nothing to do on a rainy day? Head to a museum — they’re often free or donation-based and many have special events available to the community.

6. Discounts. Almost everywhere offers special discounts to students. Just show your school ID and get anywhere from 10 to 25 percent off the ticket price.

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