Mars Botanical(TM) Revamps Popular CocoaVia(TM) Brand

GERMANTOWN, MD--(Marketwire -05/16/12)- Mars Botanical™, a scientific business unit of Mars, Incorporated, has launched a fresh new look for its popular CocoaVia™ supplement brand. CocoaVia™ is a daily cocoa extract supplement that guarantees 250 mg of cocoa flavanols (good-for-you phytonutrients found in nature) in every serving -- it is the only product that offers consumers a patented cocoa extract made from 100 percent pure cocoa. To heighten awareness of cocoa flavanols and their impact on healthy circulation, the revamped brand released new packaging and renewed its online platforms and consumer outreach efforts.

No other food on Earth can match the unique blend of flavanols found in cocoa; that's why experts have begun referring to the cocoa bean as nature's most surprising superfruit. According to registered dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix, "This superfruit -- the cocoa bean -- may play a role in living a healthy life. Heart, brain and eye health -- even exercise performance -- depend on a healthy circulatory system, which supports your total health. But as you age, your blood vessels may become less flexible and less able to expand when needed to keep circulation running smoothly. Cocoa flavanols are scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation by helping your blood vessels stay flexible and expand as needed, even as you age. With daily intake, the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia can help oxygen and nutrients reach your organs and tissues, to help you stay on top -- today and every day."

CocoaVia™ makes it easy to consume cocoa flavanols every day. It comes in convenient, single-serving stick packs and is available in four delicious flavors with no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The delicious dark chocolate flavor is available in unsweetened and sweetened varieties and each has 30 calories per serving. The fruit flavors, which were previously marketed under the Cirku™ brand, have been added to the CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement product line and are available in refreshing Summer Citrus and Cran-Raspberry flavors. The fruit flavored varieties have 20 calories per serving.

To help people enjoy the benefits of cocoa flavanols and to help support healthy circulation, CocoaVia™ supplements partnered with Taub-Dix who has developed simple ways to incorporate CocoaVia™ into a daily routine. Taub-Dix's tips include:

  • CocoaViaCocoa Extract Supplement for Breakfast. CocoaVia™ supplement is delicious, so use it to start your day. Try stirring a package of unsweetened or sweetened Dark Chocolate flavored CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement in your morning oatmeal or yogurt. With 250 mg of cocoa flavanols, it's the perfect way to add some flavor variety to breakfast.

  • Refresh and Rejuvenate: Mix one of the CocoaVia™ supplement fruit-flavored packets with your favorite iced tea for a refreshing escape from the everyday. With delicious flavors such as Summer Citrus and Cran-Raspberry, you can kick up your heels and take five minutes to relax and renew.

  • Cool Off with CocoaViaCocoa Extract Supplement. Try the CocoaVia™ Cocoa Extract Supplement Chill Smoothie. It's so simple! Just add Greek yogurt, ice, a serving of dark chocolate flavored CocoaVia™ supplement and fresh fruit -- such as strawberries or bananas -- to a blender. Give it a quick blend and enjoy. It's great for a mid-morning snack or after a workout on a hot day!

In addition to helping consumers integrate CocoaVia™ supplement into their daily routines, Taub-Dix is working to de-bunk a common chocolate myth. "Although all chocolate is made from cocoa beans, a natural and abundant source of cocoa flavanols, not all chocolate or cocoa-based products contain cocoa flavanols. Traditional cocoa handling and processing procedures can destroy cocoa flavanols," continues Taub-Dix. "That's why the percent of cocoa (cacao) is not a reliable indicator of the level of cocoa flavanols. Gentle handling and processing of the cocoa bean, from harvesting of the bean through delivery of product, are critical in preserving the cocoa flavanols."

To spread the word about CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement and its guaranteed 250 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving, the brand refreshed its packaging. The new graphics have a clean and crisp look and prominently illustrate the product's core qualities and benefits. In addition to the packaging change, the brand is releasing a strong new print and digital advertising campaign that emphasizes that age is just a number -- inner age is what really counts. As part of the campaign, CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplements updated its website and launched Facebook and Twitter platforms, offering consumers places to connect and learn more about cocoa flavanols and CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement, while encouraging them to be their inner best every way, every day. For a limited time, those who "like" the brand's Facebook page at have a chance to win free samples, branded merchandise, discounts, and a $5,000 grand prize.

For more than two decades, Mars, Inc., a leader in cocoa science, has extensively researched cocoa flavanols and continues to actively engage in research on cocoa flavanols. Mars, Inc. has more than 140 published, peer-reviewed scientific papers and more than 100 global patents on cocoa flavanols. As a leader in cocoa research, Mars, Inc. developed the patented Cocoapro® process that not only extracts the cocoa flavanols directly from the cocoa bean but preserves them at the highest concentration available -- guaranteed. A library of cocoa science research can be found at

About CocoaVia Cocoa Extract Supplement
CocoaVia™ is a powdered, daily cocoa extract supplement, developed by Mars Botanical™, which delivers 250 mg of powerful cocoa flavanols in every serving. CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement comes in convenient, single-serving stick packs and is available in four delicious flavors with no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplement is made using a patented process known as Cocoapro®, which extracts the cocoa flavanols from the cocoa bean and protects the flavanols that are usually destroyed during normal cocoa handling and processing, making it the only product that offers consumers a patented cocoa extract made from 100 percent pure cocoa. For more information on the CocoaVia™ supplement product line, visit

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Mars Botanical™ is a scientific business unit of Mars Symbioscience and is focused on research and product development involving cocoa extract and cocoa flavanols. The mission of Mars Botanical™ is to improve human health by promoting and delivering the natural power of cocoa flavanols through passionate and caring entrepreneurship. Mars Botanical™ continues to strengthen Mars, Inc.'s global scientific leadership as it investigates the health and biomedical potential of cocoa while establishing a sustainable, certified source of cocoa traceable from pod to product. For additional information on Mars Botanical™ visit