Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. Plans to Offer Flexible Purchase Plans with No-Money-Down for Low-Cost, Solar Tracking System in early 2014


WORCESTER, Mass., October 10th, 2013 /Accesswire/ - Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (MMMW) plans to offer the availability of flexible purchase plans for consumers interested in acquiring the company’s low-cost, ‘Solar Tracking System’ (STS) technology. The Company hopes to have the finance options available in early 2014. These plans include lease programs and power purchase agreements (PPA) that can eliminate any upfront, out-of-pocket costs required to install an STS. This provides flexibility and control to give most home and business owners the financial means to acquire an STS with a minimal, up-front investment.
The patent pending, Mass Megawatts 'Solar Tracking System' (STS) is a complete solar power system designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels to receive an optimal level of direct sunlight throughout the day. Unlike other solar tracking technologies, the Mass Megawatts STS utilizes a low-cost structure that adds stability to the overall system while improving energy production levels by 30+%.

With a PPA program, Mass Megawatts would own the STS system at your home or business location. The company would install and maintain it, no cost to you, and you would only pay for the electricity that’s actually generated by the system (at a rate that’s below your current electricity costs). In this manner, you have no up-front costs, yet still realize immediate savings from clean, solar power generated by the STS. Other, modified PPA plans can also be arranged to allow the customer to provide an initial, up-front payment, which would secure a lower rate on the electricity they receive in the future.

Similarly, with a lease program, you would be making monthly payments, and avoid any large deposits or up-front payments. Mass Megawatts would install and maintain the system for free at your site. The main difference between a PPA and lease plan, is that you are paying for the amount of energy generated (i.e. number of kilowatt-hours / month) with a PPA verses paying a fixed monthly amount with a lease program.

Both programs provide a great way to avoid a large, up-front investment, while still allowing consumers to realize immediate energy savings when the STS is installed. With energy costs projected to increase, the savings and investment return for a customer will continue to grow throughout the expected lifetime of the unit (30+ years). Both programs also provide an option to purchase the STS outright after a specified amount of time.

Starting at 6.25 kW rated units, a Mass Megawatts STS system is appropriate for ground-level, residential and business sites, as well as, commercial, roof-top installations. Mass Megawatts coordinates all aspects of system delivery, including permitting, installation, and working to obtain any available tax incentives. They monitor the performance of each system, and provide a full, performance guarantee.

With its patent pending, Solar Tracking System, Wind Electric-Power Generation system, a new retail sales business, only 27 million shares issued and outstanding, and very little debt, Mass Megawatts believes it is well positioned to ramp-up production in the shorter term while expanding its infrastructure to support mass-production goals in the longer term.

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