Media Advisory: Vancouver's Most Significant International Clean-Energy Conference of 2013; Vancouver Convention Centre; June 16-19 2013

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells: Power, Transportation, and Energy Storage


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb 4, 2013) - Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association -


This is advance-notice to assist with scheduling. A detailed advisory and full media kit will go out to all newsrooms several weeks before the conference, and additional background information is available at any time by phone, e-mail, monitoring the web site or under the Twitter hashtag #HFC_2013.

This conference will be rich in feature leads and news in six distinct newsroom beats:

Business/Energy   Renewable Energy Storage, Gaseous Energy Applications, Commercialization and End User Forums.
Business/Export   International Initiatives, World Leaders, Emerging Economies, Market Trends and Financing.
New technology   Cutting-Edge Technology, Defense Applications, Renewable Technology and Emergency Applications.
Environmental/Climate change   Renewable Energy Storage, Governing Bodies, and Leading Clean-Energy Projects.
Public policy   International Clean-Energy Policies and International Policy Leaders.
Local government   Municipal Sessions, Infrastructure, City Plans and Local Projects.
Automotive   On-Site Fuel Cell Vehicles, Test Drives and Leading Manufacturers.

Media Opportunities:

  • Visual and photo opportunities include hydrogen fuel cell vehicle ride and drives and static fuel cell vehicles and machinery on display.

  • Private, closed one-hour, small-group media roundtables with the world''s policy, scientific, and business leaders with informative discussions and opportunity for follow-up questions.

  • One-on-one interview opportunities.

  • 1,000 delegates from 40 countries: entrepreneurs, academics, analysts, senior corporate executives.

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
Roxanne Le-Goff
Manager, Marketing and Communications

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