Mexican homebuilders Homex. Geo postpone filing third-qtr results


MEXICO CITY, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Mexican homebuilders Homex and Geo, which are struggling under heavydebt loads and flagging sales, said on Friday they would delaypublishing their third-quarter results.

Homex said it would post its results no later than Nov. 12,while Geo also said it was postponing its latest results afternot issuing its second-quarter earnings.

Homex said in a regulatory filing: "The company has been inthe process of restructuring, which has led to enormous amountsof extra work for those working at the company, who arethemselves in charge of a reduced workforce."

Mexico's homebuilders like Homex, Geo and Urbi were dropped from Mexico's benchmark IPC stock index after failing to file their second-quarter results in a timelymanner.

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