Microsoft: Our New OS Runs with the Bulls

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Microsoft will debut its new Windows 8 mobile operating system at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona on Wednesday.

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Despite launching tablets and mobile devices long before many of these competitors, Microsoft still seems to be playing catch-up, its competitors miles ahead in the mobile market. Microsoft is hoping Windows 8 will be a viable contender in a world that is drifting away from conventional PCs.

People are connecting to the web through tablets and other mobile devices. As tablet sales soars, Microsoft is trying to catch up to rivals before it’s too late. Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows division at Microsoft, claims the company wants to respond to the needs of mobile users and accommodate new means of computing.

The Windows 8 experience will be markedly different from using tablets running the traditional PCx86 architecture with chips from Intel and AMD . Many applications probably won’t work on the new OS unless developers make certain changes, but Microsoft promises to make the transition easier by making touch-enabled versions of the ARM tablet, which are expected to be thinner and lighter.

Microsoft will have to show consumers at the trade show why a Windows 8 tablet is a more compelling device than the wide variety of tablets currently accessible on the market. But with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire as the competition, Windows 8 is going to have to pack a serious punch if it’s going to break its way into the market.

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