Millennial Media Expands Mobile Audience Targeting with Updated Point Suite

Brands and Agencies Now Receive Most Robust Location-Based Technologies to Pinpoint Consumers via Data, Drive-Time and Geo-Fencing

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Millennial Media (MM) today unveiled Point: Audience Location Advertising suite, a location-based audience advertising suite that connects brands with consumers during the mindsets, moments, and locations that matter most. Through its large SDK footprint, Millennial Media has long been able to drive high-quality location-based data. Now, in partnership with Esri – the world leader in spatial analytics and mapping technology – Millennial Media is also announcing the beta availability of its data-rich, location-based audience targeting products. The additions to Point play a critical role in helping brands target the most relevant audiences through Millennial Media’s unique data asset, then extract insights to understand, measure and optimize the impact of their messages on consumer behavior.

“Location is one of the most critical and unique characteristics of a mobile device,” said Mollie Spilman, EVP, Global Sales & Operations at Millennial Media. “Mobile location paints an overarching story about a consumer – not just where they are, but also their habits, interests, and location-based tendencies. Through the launch and expansion of Point, Millennial Media is helping brands and advertisers truly connect with consumers as they move through their daily routine.”

Expansion of Point Drives New Level of Data and Location-based Targeting

Included in the Point suite are three main products that each deliver brands a better way to pinpoint their targeted audiences:

  • Point Audience Frames, powered by Esri, transforms location into context to reach audiences in-the-moment. By ingesting hyper-local time and location data, Audience Frames can inform campaigns and target by parameters – such as household income, environment (urban vs. suburban), a propensity for shopping, and more.
  • Point-Fencing incorporates all of the features advertisers have come to love with geo-fencing, but adds an extra, superior layer of targeting through the use of Millennial Media- and Esri-powered location-based audience insights. Point-Fencing enables advertisers and brands to target consumers within a pre-determined radius as well as a specific area – such as New York City’s well-populated Central Park. Additionally, and currently available in beta, the Point-Fencing Route product empowers advertisers and brands to target based on distance of time. For example, an advertiser can now target an audience within a 10 minute drive-time from a popular mall or grocery store, instead of distance.
  • Point-Targeting covers the most often sought after location-based targeting segments – including country, state, designated market area (DMA), and more.


  • Point-Targeting is available now and worldwide.
  • Point Audience Frames is available now and currently in the United States.
  • Point-Fencing is available now and currently in the United States, however, drive-time functionality is currently only available to beta partners.

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