Mindpix Announces Agreement with Spectrum Entertainment and ZZYX Entertainment to Develop Large Format 3D Motion Picture Projects in China

June 25, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV--Mindpix Corporation (OTC Pink: MPIX)--Today Mindpix announced that they have entered into an agreement with Spectrum Entertainment and ZZYX Entertainment (www.zzyxentertainement.com) to develop large format 3D films and theaters at iconic China Landmarks.

This partnership intends to place the world's largest screens at the world's most visited attractions, showing films by one of the most experienced large-screen directors, in the world's fastest-growing theater marketand taking them global through worldwide distribution partnerships.

Spectrum Entertainment the creator of Colossus Theaters Systems andThe Biggest Movie Screen on Earth, has secured an exclusive representation for D3D Cinema Technology in China D3D is the leading provider of large-screen theaters with their proprietary 4k 3D laser systems. They design and install the largest projection screens in the world. www.d3dcinema.com

Several World Heritage locations in China are being explored for large format 3D film and associated theaters. The D3D Colossus Theater and Giant Screen 3D Motion Picture provide a unique and wondrous experience allowing visitors to be transported in time and space, in history and in culture in both the past and the present in an awe-inspiring manner. The large format 3D Motion Picture gives people the ability to "Experience The Greatest Wonders of the World on The Biggest Screen on Earth."

China is an ideal marketplace for large format 3D Motion Picture projects given the combination of extraordinary locations as well as the boom in both their film and tourism industries. The China market is the fastest-growing film market place in the world, with 3,832 new theaters added in 2012. China box office revenues are up 36% in 2012 making China the second largest film market just behind the United States. China now has 18 funds specializing in film and television investment with a combined total of 19 million yuan ($3.01 billion US). China is also the third most visited destination in the world with 55.98 million overseas visits. Destinations like the Great Wall boast over 10 million visits annually.

Spectrum Entertainment has an exclusive agreement with Kieth Merrill, an Academy Award winning Director with a long history of creating successful combinations of large format motion pictures and IMAX Films at special venue and tourist destinations. His projects include a dozen IMAX films and theaters at some of the most iconic destinations in the Unites States, including the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Zion National Park, The Alamo and many others. The business model for China destinations is similar to Kieth Merrill's existing IMAX and theater project at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center which has generated over $500 million in revenues since 1984.

Kieth Merrill, who will lead the creative team in developing the film and theater, said "China offers some of the most amazing visual destinations and historical locations that are extremely well-suited to the spectacular 3D films planned for exhibition on The Biggest Movie Screens on Earth. ZZYX's China relationships will enhance our ability to move this project forward and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with both ZZYX and MPIX."

"We are thrilled about this collaboration as it highlights a key strategic growth area -- China. The opportunity to create state-of-the-art large format 3D movies and theater destinations in China is an exciting endeavor. MPIX will work closely with Spectrum and ZZYX to create secondary revenue streams. We envision global multi-platform digital content to further leverage our relationships, media production capabilities and unique monetization platforms and technology," says Victor Siegel, President and CEO of MPIX.

ZZYX Entertainment Founder and Chairman of MPIX, Rick Garson, says, " As China is the world's fastest-growing marketplace, we have focused on the development of media and entertainment opportunities there. Bringing this model to China is such a natural way to showcase the grandeur of its many historic national monuments and world heritage sites. We are honored to be able to work with Kieth. His expertise in this area, combined with the technical ability of D3D gives us a unique competitive advantage in this space. Given the size of marketplace and the number of tourists, this initiative could easily result in the largest 3D theater in the world, MPIX provides a distribution infrastructure and platform to enhance projects and expand our current capabilities. This is truly an exciting time as we are creating a slate of global media events and projects together."

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