MiTek Releases Three New USP Structural Connector Products

From Tension Ties to Retrofit Sill Connectors, These Three New USP Connectors Highlight MiTek’s Excellence in Engineering Innovation

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MiTek Releases Three New USP Structural Connector Products

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USP announce the national availability of three new structural connection products: 1) HTT45 Tension …


MiTek USA, a leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, developer of software tools for structural design and product selection, and distributor of anchors, epoxy, tools, and safety equipment, today announced the national availability of three new structural connection products: 1) HTT45 Tension Tie, 2) LUGT, and 3) SRC Sill Retrofit Connector.

HTT45 Tension Tie. This is the newest addition to USP’s line of tension ties, and it provides two different load carrying capacities by utilizing a diamond hole max nailing pattern. The HTT45's high load-carrying capacity exceeds the hold-down connection requirements for Braced Wall Panels of Table R602.10.6.1 of the 2012 IRC. HTT45's installs (with 10d or 16d nails) above the sill plate in new or retrofit applications. A fully integrated 3Ga washer provides positive load transfer to wood framing members, and there is no pre-drilling required. When installed using USP's 5/8" STB anchor bolt, the HTT45 Tension Tie becomes part of a fully-tested and structurally rated system.

LUGT. The LUGT series is an extremely adaptable tie-down for girder trusses, and it offers several installation options to accommodate different framing conditions. The LUGT series is an ideal retrofit solution to reinforce truss connections to transfer high wind loads to supporting walls, and the connectors can be used on either wood framed, concrete or CMU block walls. LUGT1 is designed for wood framed walls. LUGTC2 is designed for corner hip trusses on wood framed walls. LUGT2, LUGT3 and LUGT4 are designed for wood frame, concrete or CMU block walls.

SRC Sill Retrofit Connector. The new SRC Sill Retrofit Connector is designed as a seismic retrofit sill-to-foundation connection. The SRC is a two-piece design consisting of a channel and plate that installs with (5) WS6 wood screws (supplied). It adjusts to foundations of varying thickness and can also be used where the sill plate may not be parallel to the face of the foundation wall.

“These new products are just three in a series of highly innovative connectors we are introducing to the market in 2014,” said Tom Mort, Senior VP, MiTek Builder Products. “They demonstrate our enduring commitment to innovative engineering excellence and our dedication to providing connector solutions for any wood frame structural challenge.”

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