Mobiquity Technologies Tapped To Promote Divergent via National Bluetooth Network

Lionsgate Taps Mobile Marketing Company for Fourth Film

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Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (MOBQ), the nation’s largest location-based mobile marketing Bluetooth network, today announced that it will, once again be working with Lionsgate to promote it’s much anticipated upcoming film, Divergent via third-screen marketing efforts. Lionsgate signed on with Mobiquity for the fourth time, after successful campaigns to drive ticket sales for three previous films.

Running now through the March 21st Premier of Divergent, Mobiquity Networks will drive mobile awareness of the movie using its mall-based proximity network to deliver rich digital content via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to shoppers. Research has shown that 44 percent of consumers trust trailers “a lot” when deciding whether to see a movie. Consumers trust trailers more than recommendations from friends and family, TV ads and Critics Reviews.1 With this in mind, Lionsgate’s mobile marketing campaign will offer consumers that opt-in an official, made-for-mobile Divergent movie trailer and an automatic calendar reminder. The automatic calendar reminder will prompt consumers to purchase tickets on the opening day of Divergent.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to build on the success of our past campaigns with Lionsgate and promote it’s much anticipated upcoming movie, Divergent,” said Sean Trepeta, president of Mobiquity Networks. “Reaching consumers while they’re actively shopping and receptive to actionable content, combined with the influence of the movie trailer that is delivered directly to their mobile device, as well as the follow-up reminder on opening day is a powerful combination that will drive ticket sales.”

How It Works

Brands can rely on Mobiquity Networks to reach their consumers and influence behavior in the retail environment. Mobiquity’s interactive zones are positioned throughout the common areas of shopping malls near entrances, anchor stores, escalators and other high-traffic, and high dwell-time areas. The network is designed to reach on-the-go consumers via their mobile devices with premium opt-in content delivered using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Beacon LE Technology. This advertising medium offers highly targeted messaging, and has been engineered to engage and influence shoppers as they move about the mall.

About Mobiquity Technologies

Mobiquity is an Ad Tech company focusing on connecting Fans (consumers) and Brands through a single platform utilizing Online, Social and Mobile. Mobiquity Technologies is attempting to revolutionize the Location Based Mobile Marketing Ecosystem by maximizing “Fan Engagement” through a single platform of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, QR, Beacon Technology and a universal App.

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