Monster M7 firmware update fixes lockup problem

November 21, 2013

During testing of the Monster M7, Consumer Reports found that the 7-inch tablet, $150, would lock up regularly in normal use. As a result, we had designated the M7 as a Don't Buy: Performance Problem. We also noted at the time that the Web page for system update requests for the tablet was missing.

In response to Consumer Reports' test findings, Monster added instructions for a firmware update on its site and corrected the system update link for the tablet. Monster has also implemented an update notification that will appear on the home screen of the tablet.

We used this new information to update the firmware version on several M7 tablets we bought to test. With the new firmware, the tablets have worked without a problem. As a result, we have removed the Don't Buy designation for the Monster M7.

As of Nov. 20, the current firmware is version 38, though some M7s in stores have an older version. If you’re experiencing problems with your Monster M7, follow the instructions under Firmware Update on the Monster site to get the latest version.

The Monster M7 received a respectable overall score, though not high enough to receive recommended status.

—Consumer Reports

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