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Make More Money: 5 Stories of Major Income Increases

Tracy Petrucci, Owner, Marketing Ideas Into Action, an online marketing company

Increase: 300 percent
How She Did It: Found better childcare

When Tracy Petrucci’s daughter was born, trying to grow her fledgling marketing company became increasingly daunting. Her husband was working two jobs to support the family while Tracy was trying to fit work around caring for her child. Tracy knew that if she could devote more hours to her business, she could increase her profits, but only working during naps and after the baby went to sleep was taking its toll on both her and her marriage. 

“We never saw each other. We were both tired. Our marriage was dwindling,” Tracy says. “And finally we had the idea: What if you quit your day job and I can pick up the pace with my business?”

And so they gave it a try. Tracy’s husband kept his part-time night-shift job, the one with health benefits, but quit his day job and became a stay-at-home dad. Tracy now works full-time and is able to better market her business, get out in the community by teaching adult education classes and take on more and more new clients.

“It’s been a year and our lives are so much better,” says Tracy. “We’re building up savings. We paid off all of our debt. I am finally in a place where I’m no longer worried about how we’ll pay the bills. I am completely able to support us and it’s great.”


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