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Make More Money: 5 Stories of Major Income Increases

Jaclyn Peresetsky, Owner, Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa

Increase: 35 percent
How she did it: Incentivized her staff

Six years ago, Jaclyn Peresetsky launched Skin Perfect, a personalized skin-care line and wellness spa in Columbus, Ohio. At first, she was the sole aesthetician working out of one room. Over time the company grew until she had to start hiring staff to meet client demand. She was working hard and realized that she could start taking home huge profits. Instead, she put that money back into her business.

“I realized I didn’t want to be a slave to my business,” Jaclyn says. “I wanted other people underneath me. I wanted others to help generate revenue.”

Jaclyn invested in creating a one-year training program for all new hires. They helped bring more clients to the company, but Jaclyn realized she could grow the company even more if she gave her employees a financial incentive. So instead of just encouraging them to bring in clients, Jaclyn upped the ante by creating a commission program. Salary would be based not only on the number of clients, but on overall revenue generation.

“My employees loved it,” Jaclyn says. “Some of them went from making $30,000 a year to $80,000 a year. They realized, ‘The harder I work, the more I make.’”

And as company owner, the harder her staff worked the more she made. Within the first year of the commission program, Jaclyn’s earnings increased 35 percent. She wasn’t necessarily working harder herself, but she had figured out how to make her employees work harder and earn more. She now has 13 employees, six who work on commission, and generates over $1 million in revenue annually. 

“We literally lived off credit cards for the first couple of years,” says Jaclyn. “It was the best feeling in the world to finally be in the black.” To continue growing revenue, Jaclyn hopes to license her business model.

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