The Morning Lowdown 3-6-12


Some of the stories people are talking about this morning:

»   Newspapers: It’s not a revenue problem, it’s a culture problem (GigaOM)

»   Bloomberg Expanding Tech Coverage (Fast Company)

»   Betting on the Future, Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) Hires Slashdot Founder (ReadWriteWeb)

»   Rolling Up My Sleeves - Slashdot Founder on Move to WaPo (Rob’CmdrTaco’Malda)

»   The Missed Opportunity In Cable VOD (paidContent)

»   Next iPad will be the iPad HD, not the iPad 3 (CNET)

»   Now You Can Pin Quotes to Pinterest (ReadWriteWeb)

» buys online programming guide (GigaOM)

»   BT (NYSE:BT - News) and TalkTalk lose challenge against Digital Economy Act (The Guardian)

»   France Launches Google-style Plan To Scan And Sell Out-of-Print Books (paidContent)

»   Video Pre-Roll Advertising: SOLVED (Redeye VC)

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