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SAN DIEGO, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a borrower advice website that is dedicated to helping borrowers find home loans that they will love. With first class information, valuable resources and connections to top rate industry professionals, the website has quickly become a trusted destination for current news and expert loan advice. Loan Love's newest article titled "Mortgage Interest Rates History (Compared To Now)" gives readers a brief history on fluctuating interest rates and what causes them. Understanding the mortgage rates timeline can enable readers can better visualize when it's the best time to purchase a mortgage loan while securing the best rates for their home purchasing needs.

The article begins by telling readers that to first understand where mortgage interest rates will go, taking a look at the past can be important in predicting the future in mortgage interest rate trends. Although having a bit a foresight on interest rates will not be able to guarantee accurate predictions on interest rates for the next week or month, being able to interpret these rates can be pivotal in financing a home owner's new house. The Loan Love article states:

"Late last year, mortgage interest rates fell to their lowest point since 1971 and then continued to drift downward. The year 1971 was one marked by rising inflation and unemployment, trends that would continue to define the next several years. Both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage rates continued to climb, peaking in the early 1980s at heights about four times what is seen today. While 2013 brought the lowest rates since the early 1970s, other economic conditions from those years were not mirrored so closely. Rather than rising unemployment and surging inflation, 2013 was marked by continued signs of slow, but steady, economic recovery and a housing market that continued to gain a foothold.

"Interest rates however, have continued to remain at relative lows throughout despite the Federal Reserve announcing their plans to pull back on some of their policies. In fact, these interest rates have dipped even lower since the Fed's announcement, meaning overall good news for loan borrowers shopping for a new home. The Loan Love article contributes three main factors to these continued low interest rates: economic growth, a strong demand for bonds, and the Fed's long term plans of keeping low interest rates low in check. 

The Low inflation combined with a market supported by strong stock-market gains have help kept today's low interest rates afloat, which loan borrowers can take advantage by following a few tips provided by Loan Love:

"While most analysts continue to predict that interest rates will rise, the overriding opinion is that interest rates will continue to stay low despite slight upward fluctuations.

Today's continued low interest rates should serve as a call to action for those planning to enter the market:

  • If you are a current homeowner and haven't refinanced, now is the time to snag a good rate, while they are still near historic lows.
  • If a move may be on your horizon, make your home purchase while you can still take advantage of low interest rates.
  • If you are a real estate investor, now is the best time to grab some investment property, while prices are still low."

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