This Mother's Day, Kill Your Mother-in-Law With Kindness Suggests

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LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A company is recommending that this Mother's Day you kill your mother-in-law ... with kindness. 

Mothers-in-law are the most underappreciated mothers this time of year. While they may have a bad reputation, in reality they play a big part in your spouse's or significant other's life. 

They are the mother of your spouse. They raised and created this wonderful person that you love and share a life with. They help out with your children and around the house (sometimes without invitation), but their heart is in the right place. They, just like you, want the best for your significant other.

While there are sometimes walls or barriers that keep you from having a good relationship with your mother-in-law, kindness is a wonderful way to break down those barriers and start to form a nice relationship. Simple things go a long way ... here are a couple of things that you can do to form a better relationship with your mother-in-law:

Call them to say thank you for the present they sent you or for the time they babysat so you could go on a date night

Take them out to lunch.

Give them a gift certificate to a coffee shop.

Send them flowers.

Write them a personal note.

If you don't have a lot of money or time, one company,, makes its easy and affordable to send a special gift to your mother-in-law., as the name implies, allows you to send a free teddy bear and a personalized note to your mother-in-law.  The only cost they ask you to pay is shipping and handling. The cost is about the average price for a fast food lunch, only  $8.98. They have no hidden fees and their goal is to brighten as many people's lives as possible by sending adorable free teddy bears.

Sending a teddy bear is a wonderful thing that brings back warm memories and one that she will see each day, thinking how thoughtful you were to her. They've been known to put smiles on the grumpiest of the grumpy.

So remember to kill your mother-in-law with kindness and you will see good things happen in your life as well. Any spouse who sees you take care of their mother will think highly of you and make your day special as well.


Michael Ortiz 

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