Sets the Standard for Simpler, More Effective Social and Mobile Ad Campaigns

Self-Service Portal Brings Advantages of Large Enterprise Marketing Analytics and Ad Targeting to Business Owners Providing Greater Return for their Marketing Investment

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Acxiom® (ACXM), an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, today announced, an easy-to-use self-service site that enables business owners and marketers the ability to build and launch targeted, multichannel advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of previously available solutions. provides businesses precise audience targeting to reach consumers who will most likely take advantage of their marketing offers. Thousands of pre-built scored models are available for immediate use when building a mailing list, phone list, or digital campaign. Furthermore, empowers businesses to execute multichannel mobile and social campaigns with the publisher of their choice, applying the same filters used when generating a prospect list for direct mail.

“We live in an increasingly digital and mobile world, where consumers are checking their smartphones 150 times per day,” said Jeff Standridge, vice president and head of Acxiom’s small and medium business strategy. “ was created with the goal of combining the power of Acxiom’s enterprise marketing engine with the ease and flexibility of a self-service portal. Now, with the click of a button, businesses can target customers on mobile and social with the same precision they’ve been able to achieve for years with direct mail.”

“Selecting Acxiom as our campaign partner provided us with better income targeting and precise locations in the Bay area- all through its simple service,” said Janice Burney, senior vice president of marketing, Breakaway Funding. “Working with a respected brand such as Acxiom, for us as a smaller business, also provides our clients with a sense of confidence.”

With, businesses can order sales leads and mailing lists on demand; clean, refresh and enhance their database; and, gain customer insight through detailed reports. The self-service portal also provides business owners with key benefits, including the ability to earn reward points with each order; place orders via any device, including iPads and iPhones; draw their own map to order new leads; and, easily access prior orders or exclude existing customers.

“Small businesses, such as ours, can’t afford to waste marketing dollars reaching consumers who aren’t likely to take advantage of our offers,” said Unique Two Limousine CEO Marcello Bustamante. “With’s self-serve approach, it’s simpler for us to reach our best targets through the site’s easy-to-use marketing analytics and ad targeting capabilities. We can now build our own creative, launch ads and build out direct mail, social and mobile campaigns using fewer marketing dollars than are usually associated with a multichannel campaign.”


MyAcxiomPartner is an easy-to-use site powered by Acxiom where businesses of any size may conveniently order marketing services that help them find new customers faster, save money, and improve direct marketing ROI.

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