Nature's Own Bakery Foods Do Not Contain Azodicarbonamide

Products have been free of additive since 2013

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THOMASVILLE, Ga., Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  In response to recent coverage surrounding the use of the FDA-approved food additive azodicarbonamide, Nature's Own brand of soft variety and premium specialty breads, buns, and rolls, issued the following statement today:

Nature's Own bakery foods do not contain azodicarbonamide. We removed this additive from all Nature's Own bakery foods in 2013, and it is no longer used in any Nature's Own products.

We are very serious about our responsibility to provide safe, quality bakery foods to our consumers and to comply with all food safety and packaging guidelines.

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Nature's Own Logo

Nature's Own Logo

About Nature's Own 

Introduced with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in 1977, Nature's Own is a full line of soft variety and premium specialty breads, buns, and baked breakfast items. Known for its quality and freshness, Nature's Own was among the first brands to offer low-calorie and sugar-free breads, a double fiber bread with omega-3, and thin-sliced bagels. Today, consumers can find a wide variety of bakery items under the Nature's Own brand. For more information on Nature's Own, visit Nature's Own is a brand of Flowers Foods (FLO).



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