NCKU Hosts Largest-Ever ABC Symposium

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The largest symposium ever in the history of the Asian BioCeramics (ABC) Symposium took place at Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) with nearly 135 participants from 11 countries around the world presenting their latest research, famed Japanese scholar Masahiro Yoshimura said Monday at the 12th ABC Symposium.

NCKU president Hwung-Hweng Hwung welcomed all the participants, saying that “Thanks to the dedication of Prof. Yoshimura and the efforts of the Department of Material Science and Engineering, NCKU had earned the opportunity to host this grand event.”

“The ABC Symposium was first organized in Tokyo 2001, held annually in Asia, gathering front-line researchers, scientists, engineers, manufactures, dentists and surgeons worldwide, but Taiwan was not included until now,” according to Yoshimura who was thrilled about this scientific gathering set up in NCKU, southern Taiwan.

“NCKU is strong in material science and bioceramics as well, so why not hold the ABC symposium in NCKU,” added Yoshimura, visiting chair professor of NCKU who also serves as director of the university’s Promotion Center for Global Materials Research (PCGMR).

ABC Chairman Kimihiro Yamashita, professor from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, said that ABC Symposium starts from Japan and now covered Korea, China, Indonesia, and India. From Taiwan, with the collaborative efforts of all the participants, ABC is expected to be extended to North America, South America and Australia in the future.

A total of 135 presentations include 59 from Taiwan, 55 from Japan, 5 from Korea, 5 from China, 4 from the U.S., 2 from France, 1 from India, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Netherland, 1 from Hungary, and 1 from Czech Republic, according to Dr. Yoshimura.

“It is our great pleasure to invite scientists from around the world to participate in ABC 2012 Symposium in Tainan and during the 4-day visit, from Nov. 18-21, the participants will not only share research findings but also experience the local charm of Tainan City, a historical city with rich cultural heritage and a new metropolitan center for science and technology,” according to Dr. Jiunn-Der Liao of the Department of Material Science and Engineering, NCKU.

Enjoying his life in Tainan greatly, Yoshimura, who called himself as “Taiwanese” in the interview, spoke of the beauty of living in Tainan City among the visitors in this international symposium.

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