Nevada online gambling bill introduced in Assembly

Nevada online gambling bill introduced in Assembly, expected to move fast as top priority

Associated Press

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- A bill before the Nevada Assembly removes the final restrictions preventing online gambling's full arrival.

Democratic Las Vegas Assemblyman William C. Horne introduced AB114 during the floor session Wednesday.

Horne says the bill eliminates a provision from last session's online gambling bill requiring Nevada to wait for federal legalization.

Instead, the bill allows the governor to enter contracts with other states to combine Nevada's regulatory structure with other state's larger gambling populations.

AB114 includes a $1 million licensing fee for hosting entities. It's a number Horne says could change, adding conversations with the governor's office and gambling industry have been on-going.

The governor's office says Sandoval opposes the higher licensing fee and wants to find a solution before the bill becomes law.

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