News Summary: Corona-Bud makers revise deal

Brewers of Corona and Budweiser revise buyout terms to appease US regulators

Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) -- CHANGING TERMS: Anheuser-Bush InBev is revising terms of its proposed $20.1 billion acquisition of Grupo Modelo in an attempt to push through a deal federal regulators say will kill competition.

GIVING GROUND: InBev is willing to sell Modelo's Piedras Negras brewery and give perpetual rights for Corona and the Modelo brands in the U.S. to Constellation Brands Inc. for $2.9 billion.

PRIOR TERMS: Under previous terms, Modelo would sell its half of Crown Imports to Constellation to address antitrust concerns, but InBev maintained the right to end an import agreement with Crown, and that was to be exercisable every 10 years.

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