News Summary: Deep look at NJ derailment expected

Members of Congress say they expect to hold hearings on cause, aftermath of NJ derailment

Associated Press

TRAIN SPOTTING: After a derailment that released thousands of gallons of a hazardous chemical into the air last week in New Jersey, forcing dozens of households to be evacuated, a congressman said that it is time to end what he called "a culture of self-regulation" for the industry.

CRAZY TRAIN: Last Friday, seven cars on an 84-car train derailed over Mantua Creek in Paulsboro. A tanker car carrying vinyl chloride, a gas used to make PVC plastic, was ruptured, sending thousands of gallons of the chemical into the atmosphere. More than 200 homes in the industrial town across the Delaware River from Philadelphia International Airport have been evacuated. Vinyl chloride levels have intermittently risen high enough that workers trying to recover the remaining chemical, which naturally hardened into a solid, have been pulled off the scene.

RAIL CAUCUS: U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, a Democrat whose district includes Paulsboro, the site of the derailment, met with Republican Reps. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania and Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey, at a command center in nearby Clarksboro with officials working on the accident response. The congressmen said they expect to hold hearings looking at both the causes of the derailment and the response to it.

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