News Summary: EU fines Microsoft $733M on browsers

News Summary: EU fines Microsoft $733 million for breaking browser pact

Associated Press

BIG FINE: The European Union has fined Microsoft €561 million ($733 million) for breaking a pledge to offer personal computer users a choice of Internet browsers when they install the company's flagship Windows operating system.

ABUSING THE DOMINANCE OF WINDOWS: Microsoft Corp. agreed to pay €860 million in a 2009 settlement with European regulators, and promised to give Windows users the option of choosing another browser rather than having Microsoft's Internet Explorer automatically installed on their machines. But Microsoft failed to stick to the deal for some of the 15 million Windows 7 software installations in 2011 and 2012.

SCARE OTHERS STRAIGHT: The latest fine is intended to make an example of Microsoft and deter other companies from doing same thing. Microsoft has paid €2.2 billion in fines to the Commission since 1998

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