News Summary: Former GM executive to Toyota board

Toyota taps former GM executive as outside board member under sprawling management changes

Associated Press

INNOCENTS ABROAD: Toyota has tapped a former executive at U.S. rival General Motors to join its board, the first time in the Japanese automaker's 76-year history it is appointing directors from outside the company.

INFORMATION WANTED: The appointment of Mark Hogan, effective April 1, underlines efforts at Toyota Motor Corp. to become more internationally minded, transparent and nimble in regional markets as it recovers from difficult years, including a massive recall fiasco in the U.S.

CURE FOR THE BLUES: Toyota has been far more insular than its Western counterparts, and had been closed in the past to the idea of board members from outside company ranks. The changes reflect soul-searching at the company following massive global recalls over sticky gas pedals, faulty floor mats, problematic brakes and

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