News Summary: Russians vs Google in Vietnam

News Summary: Russian team seeks to topple Google in Vietnam with 'Coc Coc' search engine

Associated Press

SEARCH ENGINE COMPETITOR: A newly launched Russian-Vietnamese outfit believes it can unseat Google in Vietnam while contending with a jittery, authoritarian government seeking to clamp down on freedom of expression online.

THE PREMISE: Coc Coc, or "Knock Knock" in English, believes Google's search engine doesn't get the nuances of the local language. It says its algorithms make for a better, quicker search in Vietnamese.

THE BACK STORY: Vietnam's booming Internet scene is littered with failed startups that tried to take on U.S Web companies. But unlike other past hopefuls, Coc Coc is not short of cash. It has spent $10 million, hired 300 people and investors have promised $100 million over the next five years.

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