News Summary: Whistleblower still fighting Olympus

News Summary: Japan whistleblower still fighting, says Olympus ignores Supreme Court order

Associated Press

FIGHT GOES ON: More than a year after Japan's Supreme Court ordered camera and medical-equipment maker Olympus Corp. to stop punishing a whistleblower and reinstate him to his regular job, Masaharu Hamada is still fighting.

ODD ASSIGNMENT: Hamada's legal battle began in 2008, when he sued after being ostracized for relaying a supplier's complaint. He won in June last year but the salesman says he has not been placed back in his regular job. He was recently transferred to quality training, where he has no experience.

ANOTHER SUIT: On Monday, another employee, Yoshihisa Ishikawa, filed a lawsuit against Olympus for sending him to work under Hamada. Ishikawa's lawsuit says his reassignment followed repeated pressure to resign. The award-winning engineer with several patents to his name suspects he was targeted because he questioned his boss' decisions.

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