NovaBay Pharmaceuticals – The Growing Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance – How Did We Get Here and What Can Be Done?


NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NBY) todaypublished a comprehensive blog post on TheChairmansBlog.comaddressing the issue of antimicrobial is an exclusive, online media publication thatenables key executive officers a unique platform to share insightsabout their company and industry trends.

NovaBay’sChairman and CEO, Dr. Ron Najafi, explains the history of bacteriaand how they have grown resistant to antibiotics over time. The“Golden Age of Antibiotics” that led to the “Post-AntibioticEra,” according to Dr. Najafi, “should not be surprising.” Heprovides information on NovaBay’s technology to address the issueof antimicrobial resistance. Read the full blog post from Ron Najafion

About NovaBay Pharmaceuticals

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals is aclinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing itsproprietary and patented Aganocide® compounds. Aganocides are novel,broad-spectrum, fast-acting, synthetic anti-infectives designed tomimic the body’s defense against infection. They are active againstbacteria, fungi and viruses, and are being developed to treat andprevent a wide range of local, non-systemic infections with a lowlikelihood of developing bacterial resistance.

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