Novation Holdings (NOHO) Acquires Independent US Auto Distribution Network

June 27, 2013

Boca Raton, FL, June 27, 2013 – (Eteligis via Accesswire) -- Novation Holdings (NOHO) today announced that it has the acquisition of the operating assets of StarPoint U.S.A., Inc. (StarPoint), a Delaware corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SAC Acquisition Corp. (SAC), a Florida corporation formed for the acquisition. The ownership of SAC has been transferred to Crown City Pictures, Inc. (OTC Pink: CCPI) in exchange for Series A preferred stock having voting power equal to 51 percent of the total voting power of all classes of stock, and is convertible at the election of the holder into 51 percent of the resulting outstanding common stock. Crown City Pictures, Inc., a Delaware corporation whose common shares trade on the OTC Pink markets under the symbol CCPI, is now a controlled subsidiary of NOHO.

StarPoint is a U.S. based vehicle distribution company that has a proven track record and that is not exclusive to any specific vehicle brand, which allows it to distribute a number of different brands/models in the U.S. market. As part of its ongoing business, StarPoint has been the exclusive distributor of Daewoo vehicles and Genuine Daewoo Parts to the U.S. market since 1998. A total of 188,000 Daewoo brand vehicles (Leganza, Nubira and Lanos models) were distributed from 1998 through 2002. Today, StarPoint continues to provide both Warranty Administration and Genuine Daewoo Parts to approximately 80,000 remaining Daewoo owners in the US. That business will be acquired by SAC, which will then change its corporate name to StarPoint USA, Inc., while the old StarPoint also will change its corporate name, to eliminate any confusion.

StarPoint plans to maximize sales and market share through the near term use and further development of an existing and robust independent retail dealership network. The company will offer unique vehicles of exceptional value at very competitive prices with sales to dealers being supported by a seasoned, market savvy management team that is capable of implementing a marketing strategy designed to introduce new models / brands and establish it as a leader in the alternative fuel vehicle ("AFV") market niche. StarPoint will be marketing a portfolio of different AFV models that meet the needs of a wide variety of end users including both fleet operators and retail customers. All-electric vehicles will be one offering of StarPoint, but the company also will focus on offering vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) either as fully dedicated CNG or as Bi-Fuel (gasoline and CNG) capable models.

StarPoint has positioned itself to capitalize on the growing need for less dependence on foreign oil through environmentally friendly "green" vehicle alternatives for the U.S. market. In June of 2012, the Company secured an exclusive vehicle distribution agreement with a U.S. based alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer for the entire U.S. market, including Puerto Rico, that will involve the distribution of CNG Bi-Fuel and all electric vehicles. The company is currently in discussions with several other vehicle manufacturers regarding the distribution of their alternative fuel models, as well, which will further broaden the scope of the AFV portfolio.

The AFV market is a growth segment that stands to increase market share significantly by 2035 according to projections by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), which includes a mix of flex-fuel, mild hybrid, hybrid gasoline/diesel, electric, plug-in hybrid electric, gaseous, electric and fuel cell. Certainly, these AFVs will play a significant role in meeting more stringent Green House Gas ("GHG") emissions and fuel economy standards, as well as offering fuel savings in the face of higher gasoline prices.


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