NutriBullet Releases the UNI Project Trailer in Support of the BeTheNextUNI Project

Nationwide Campaign to Help Reduce Childhood Obesity and Educate Teens on Healthy Living

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LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NutriBullet, LLC., a premiere health and wellness brand and creator of high-performance nutritional smoothie makers, has announced the launch of "The UNI Project" trailer, which previews a documentary offering sustainable solutions to the declining health of today's teens. NutriBullet partnered with University High School (UNI) in Los Angeles, sending in a Registered Dietitian to work with teachers and students and providing them with vegetables, fresh fruit and NutriBullets to create a healthy daily breakfast.

"A staggering 66 percent of students enrolled in the project were overweight, which unfortunately is not far off the national average published by the CDC at 60%," said NutriBullet's in-house Registered Dietitian Sarah Lefkowitz. "We need to encourage students to start eating veggies every day to turn their health around in a big way. Making daily green smoothies is an easy and fun way to do that." 

The NutriBullet health team, led by Lefkowitz and Kerri Eich Reiners, the Director of Health and Environmental Sciences at UNI guided students in making their own daily vegetable and fruit-based smoothies over the course of three months. To measure the physical impact of the regimen, participating students had anthropomorphic data collected, including height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, and blood samples to test cholesterol levels at the beginning and end of the program.

The NutriBullet health team documented students' daily activities, interactions and struggles. The 12-week study ended with astonishing results, including lowered cholesterol, weight loss, decreased waist size, reduced acne and a distinct improvement in overall health and well being among students. Thus, the UNI Project was born.

The success of this program inspired the NutriBullet health team to launch BeTheNextUNI, an opportunity to expand The UNI Project nationwide. This contest offers five schools the chance to receive $10,000 in funding towards their own program.  In addition, they will receive NutriBullet units, The UNI Project 12-week Program Guidelines, ongoing guidance by the NutriBullet RDs, as well as possible blood work analysis.

"We live in a fast-paced world where most parents don't have time to cook, and where adolescents are bombarded with wrong messages about what to eat," explained David Wolfe, a Nutrition Expert who worked with teachers and students on The UNI Project. "It is no wonder teens are suffering from rapidly declining health and are more confused than ever about what healthy eating even means."

For more information, submission guidelines and to learn more about the program and documentary, please click here.

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