NYC's Halloween Parade looking for money help

NYC's Halloween Parade looking for money help, launching online campaign to raise $50K

Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City's annual Village Halloween Parade is looking to scare up some cash.

The parade's producing director, Jeanne Fleming, said Monday that an online campaign on the site Kickstarter is launching Tuesday in hopes of raising $50,000 for this year's event to close a funding gap. The funding shortfall is a result of Superstorm Sandy last October, which forced the parade's cancellation for the first time in its four-decade history.

"We've always said the parade happens rain or shine, but who could have imagined that much rain and lack of shine," Fleming said.

When Sandy hit at the end of October, just a couple days before the parade was supposed to take place, "we were all ready to go," Fleming said. Items like walkie-talkies had all been paid for. But with power out in the lower part of Manhattan and the seriousness of the damage and loss of life becoming clear, it was a no go.

Fleming said the parade has more expenses this year, like cancellation insurance. It's also been working with people who were supposed to have floats in last year's parade, reducing fees to allow them to participate this year. That means it hasn't been able to raise as much money.

This year's parade is being billed as the 40th anniversary parade, even though it's technically not the 40th annual parade. But "the parade that didn't happen had as huge an impact," Fleming said.

The annual event is known for the throngs of wildly dressed people it brings out onto the streets. Fleming said she expected this year's parade "to have a tremendous energy.

"Everyone wants to come back," she said.

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