Obama: U.S. will continue going after al Qaeda-linked groups in Africa


WASHINGTON, Oct 8 (Reuters) - President Obama said onTuesday that the United States will continue to go after alQaeda-linked groups in Africa, but that is not the same as goingto war there.

"There is a difference between us going after terrorists whoare plotting directly to do damage to the United States and usgetting involved in wars," Obama told a news conference. "Whereyou've got active plots and active networks, we are going to goafter them."

U.S. forces last weekend seized a senior al Qaeda figure inLibya, Nazih al-Ragye, and swooped into Somalia in an operationtargeting a senior al Shabaab figure who was not caught. Thecaptured militant in Libya, known by the cover name Abu Anasal-Liby, executed plots that killed Americans, and "he will bebrought to justice," Obama said.

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