ObjectBuilders, Inc. and Pennsylvania Industries for the Blind and Handicapped will work together to fine-tune groundbreaking management software

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ObjectBuilders, an international information technology company based in King of Prussia, will work with Pennsylvania Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (PIBH) to fine-tune their software as a service (SaaS) offering, ProcessEx, which will eventually be available to non-profits around the world.

For more than 50 years, PIBH has been facilitating employment for Pennsylvanians with disabilities, mostly though contracts with the Pennsylvania Department of General Services and other Commonwealth-related entities.

But that mission is now expanding as new PIBH President & CEO Vince Loose looks to expand existing government relationships and build new partnerships with the private sector that enable PIBH to compete in a broader business arena.

When ObjectBuilders approached Loose regarding a partnership for a new software they were developing to help non-profits become more efficient and streamlined, he said it was a win-win.

“It’s exciting for PIBH to be part of something like this from step one,” said Loose. “This process has the potential to significantly increase the quantity and quality of our work without increasing overhead costs, and allow us to enhance the job satisfaction for our current staff.”

While ObjectBuilders will own the rights for the final product, PIBH will receive a financial percentage of the access fees sold by ObjectBuilders. That money will then be reinvested in activities that will promote products and services that will help provide jobs to people in Pennsylvania with disabilities.

ProcessEx brings new technology into the workplace, something Loose said is often lacking in the world of non-profits. “This project will help manage work flow and allow employees to be more efficient – spending less time on paperwork,” said Loose. “By decreasing the amount of paperwork staff members must do, they will be able to spend more time working with current clients and finding new ones; because each new client brings with them the opportunity to employ more Pennsylvanians with disabilities.”

ProcessEx takes control of any business process or procedure and turns a bottleneck into a strategic advantage – saving organizations an average of $1,000 per user per process per year. Processes can be created in ProcessEx in as little as two hours.

ProcessEx was assembled using ObjectBuilders Composite Application Builder, the LiveApp Player Suite, the same product that has been delivering departmental and enterprise software solutions to government and Global 2000 organizations for over 15 years.

“ObjectBuilders’ low cost cloud-based offering will allow non-profits to share in the technology advantages of the for profit sector,” said Robert L. Schmitter, President and CEO of ObjectBuilders. “The result for non-profits is more money is now going to their organization and can be directly applied to their mission. Better still, this is for a good cause and we are excited to partner with PIBH.”

Loose hopes that this is just the start of unique partnerships with businesses in the private sector and looks forward to finding new ways to serve PIBH’s current members, help individuals with disabilities obtain employment opportunities, and form partnerships within the business community to support their members’ workforce by buying products and services from PIBH.

About PIBH:

PIBH partners with member agencies to identify, market, and deliver products and services that create employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Approximately 75 percent of the individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who are able to work are unemployed. PIBH and its member agencies continuously seek to identify new products and services opportunities, which will employ Pennsylvanians with disabilities, to sell to public and private sector organizations.

About ObjectBuilders:

ObjectBuilders is the Leader in Assembled Business Solutions. ObjectBuilders Composite Application Builder, the LiveApp Player Suite, has been used to assemble and deploy complex Composite Applications for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. ObjectBuilders products and its Software Factory reduce operating expenses, enhance revenue, ensure regulatory compliance and improve customer service. ObjectBuilders Composite Solutions combine services, components, functionality from other applications, or legacy systems, and assemble them – without code – into new solutions that are entirely represented and deployed in XML. Some of ObjectBuilders Composite Solutions include Correspondence Management, eLicensing, Case Management, Health Information Exchange, Fraud and Abuse detection, prevention and recovery. ObjectBuilders is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. For more information visit http://www.objectbuilders.com

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