Obtain Free Car Insurance Quote and Debunk Common Auto Myths with New Tip Sheet


LOS ANGELES, USA, May 1, 2013- Several myths that surround the auto insurance industry have become falsely accepted as true affecting motorists’ decisions about policies, concluded the non-profit Insurance Information Institute. In a bid to firmly dispatch with these erroneous untruths, AutoInsurance-Quote.net has put together a tip sheet entitled “Myths about Cars Debunked.”

AutoInsurance-Quote.net made the announcement in the following statement. “AutoInsurance-Quote.net is more than just a conduit for top state and ZIP code based car insurance quote information. As well as providing a smart and unique way to connect motorists to the best insurers in their immediate locale, we also want to help educate motorists on the rudiments of vehicle insurance terminology, facts and pitfalls. Many American motorists receive inappropriate guidance that leaves them overexposed and underinsured. We hope that our new tip sheet adds to motorists’ ever-expanding realm of knowledge on auto insurance so that they can make well informed choices.”

Some of the tips are as follows:

Myth #1: Red cars cost more to insure: A commonly held incorrect belief, the truth is that the color of the vehicle should not have an impact on the cost of the premium.

Myth #2: Older drivers cost more to insure: The opposite is actually true, with drivers over 55 receiving significant reductions according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Myth #3: All Insurance Policies cover all damage to the car: This is false, as the policy dictates precisely what will and will not be covered in the event of damage. Liability insurance covers the driver if they hurt a person or some property; Comprehensive and Collision coverage protect the vehicle itself and are usually optional. It is usually recommended to opt for all of them together for total protection.

AutoInsurance-Quote.net helps consumers obtain local car insurance quotes, either by ZIP code or state. Car insurance is a sensible precautionary measure that is often a legal requirement in the event of accident, collision or another incident involving a third party passenger or pedestrian. The site encourages that motorists obtain sufficient insurance in line with the laws of most U.S. states.

Visit http://www.autoinsurance-quote.net/ for more information.

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