OCZ Technology and Accusys Inc. Extend Partnership With New SSD Qualification for ExaSAN 8-Bay DAS Systems

Two OCZ Deneva 2 SSD Models Now Qualified for the Accusys ExaSAN B08S2-P2 RAID Storage System to Be Demonstrated at This Week's NAB Show 2013 (Booth #SL 15113 South Hall Lower)


LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - April 09, 2013) - NAB Show 2013 --  OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, and Accusys Inc., a leading provider of RAID products, jointly announced today an extended strategic partnership that provides the Accusys ExaSAN 8-bay RAID system (Model B08S2-P2) with new Deneva 2 storage capacity options. In addition to the 480GB Deneva 2 SSD initially qualified on the ExaSAN B08S2-P2 DAS platform, a smaller 240GB Deneva 2 capacity option is now qualified for customer selection.

The Accusys ExaSAN B08S2-P2 RAID storage system is a cost-effective, high-performance, small form factor Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) solution that is pre-installed to support up to eight OCZ Deneva 2 SSDs (supporting 240GB or 480GB capacities). With Deneva 2 SSDs implemented, terabytes of storage capacity is available to make this DAS system particularly well suited for the demanding high definition (HD) editing process, as the system can store large 2K and 4K files easily while delivering file copies, migrations, and transfers at very high speed. Coupled with equalization features that move files without frame drops, the compact 8-bay ExaSAN DAS system is easily transportable and can literally operate on-set and on-location to capture content. 

"We are very pleased that our partnership with OCZ has extended to additional qualifications of the Deneva 2 SSD Series as our B08S2-P2 DAS system customers enjoy the speed and capabilities that the OCZ drives deliver," said L.R. Wang, R&D Dept. Vice President, Accusys Inc. "With Deneva 2 SSDs implemented, the cost-effectiveness of this shared DAS solution makes it well-suited for small-to-medium-sized post-production shops not willing or capable of using an expensive Fibre Channel infrastructure, as well as the manpower to support it."

"We have worked closely with Accusys to provide the capabilities and performance to make the ExaSAN 8-bay DAS system one of the best in the industry and look forward to our continued partnership," said Wayne Eisenberg, Senior VP of Sales for OCZ Technology. "With our Deneva 2 SSDs implemented, the transcoding step of adapting compressed files for viewing or editing on different playback devices is no longer required as these drives deliver incredibly fast transactional performance regardless of whether the files are in compressed or uncompressed formats."

OCZ Deneva 2 SATA III-based drives are designed to solve today's enterprise challenges and address the limitations that hard drive technology imposes on IT infrastructures. The series delivers industry leading performance while meeting the stringent reliability, security and economical needs of enterprise storage environments. The Deneva 2 Series maximizes IOPS per dollar enabling increased data throughput with lower power consumption and a smaller operating footprint. 

The 8-bay ExaSAN Model B08S2-P2 DAS system, with newly qualified OCZ Deneva 2 SSDs, will be demonstrated in the Accusys Inc. exhibit at the NAB Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #SL-15113 (South Hall Lower). The exhibits begin April 8th and conclude on April 11th.

For more information on OCZ's Deneva 2 SSD Series, please visit www.ocz.com/enterprise 

About NAB Show 2013:
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show has evolved over the last eight years to continually lead this ever-changing industry. While the solutions have changed to keep pace with consumer habits and technologies, aspirations to produce and deliver memorable content have remained constant. From creation to consumption, the NAB Show has proudly served as the incubator for excellence -- helping to breathe life into content everywhere. Over 90,000 media and entertainment professionals from over 150 countries are expected to attend this year's event. Over 1,500 companies are exhibiting and more than 500 skill-building sessions will be available. The show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with conferences beginning April 6th, exhibits beginning April 8th (the show concludes on April 11th).

About Accusys Inc.
Founded in 1995, Accusys of Jhubei City, Taiwan is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of RAID products having delivered many generations of cutting-edge and innovative solutions as 'The RAID Architects.' With years of experience in the storage market, Accusys product lines fulfill versatile applications ranging from small offices to mission-critical data centers, covering all major storage interfaces. Dedicated to the research and development of RAID technology for years, Accusys' excellence has been recognized by many partners and evidenced by winning many product awards. As the value of online accessible data increases rapidly, along with its size and growth, Accusys continuously improves the data protection capabilities of its RAID product portfolio.

About OCZ Technology Group, Inc.
Founded in 2002, San Jose, CA-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OCZ) is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-performance solid-state storage solutions and premium computer components. Offering a complete spectrum of solid-state drives (SSDs), OCZ provides SSDs in a variety of form factors and interfaces (i.e. PCIe, SAS and SATA) to address a wide range of client and enterprise applications. Having developed firmware and controller platforms, to virtualization and endurance extending technologies, the company delivers vertically integrated solutions enabling transformational approaches to how digital data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed and leveraged by customers. For more information, please visit: www.ocz.com.

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