OMYEN Corp. Announces The Advanced Social Security Planning Technology

Financial advisors can take advantage of this free software to effectively advise their clients on retirement planning.

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WESTWOOD, Mass., Feb. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Approximately 10,000 Americans retire every day. A vast majority of them (~ 85%) will have difficulties in financing their retirement. With pension plans disappearing and lack of savings in personal retirement accounts, the Social Security benefits will be the lifeline for many people. With increasing longevity, timing considerations around taking reduced Social Security benefits sooner, or delaying them for increased benefits later are also important. For couples, planning for Social Security becomes even more challenging due to numerous considerations around spousal benefits. The lack of easy to use software that can handle different situations has made  Social Security planning a difficult task for most financial advisors. OMYEN Social Security Maximizer takes only 5 to 10 minutes for financial advisors to compare different strategies and recommend an optimum Social Security plan for their clients. It is also available FREE of charge to all financial advisors.


OMYEN Social Security Maximizer generates projected Social Security benefits, starting at age 62 for reduced benefits and going to age 70 for increased delayed benefits at monthly increments. For couples, it allows advisors to apply advanced strategies such as file and suspend to maximize benefits. The software also handles any adjustments to benefits in case an individual works while taking Social Security benefits. The output is visually intuitive to easily explain the recommendation to clients. "There aren't many software programs available for Social Security Planning. I tried most of them and found them difficult to use. I like the simple user interface of OMYEN's Social Security Planning program with its instant results and easy to understand report", said Ray Shreder, a financial advisor with Social Security Income Advisors. 

The recent recession  made many individuals see either their own retirement portfolio cut in less than half, or that of their parents, not to mention a significant drop in home values. More and more people are now realizing that they can no longer rely on their home equity for retirement. They are also increasingly concerned about healthcare costs, now and more importantly during retirement. "Our experience from implementing OMYEN's Personal Financial Index® at workplaces, and OMYEN's Retiree Healthcare Planner tells us that more and more people have come to the realization that they need serious retirement planning, including Social Security planning. At OMYEN, our goal is to empower financial advisors with easy to use technology so we can be part of making a real difference in the lives of millions of people," said Dinesh Sharma, CEO of OMYEN Corp. OMYEN will also provide free online and email based support on this software. "This offer is free for all financial advisors without any time limitation; no strings attached", added Sharma.

OMYEN's Social Security Maximizer is a also a good companion to the Personal Financial Index® (PFI) that advisors use for client education and acquisition. "With the addition of our Social Security planning tool to our existing suite of planning technologies such as Retiree Healthcare Planner, and retirement savings and distribution planning in our Wealth Planner product, we have the best retirement planning technologies for individuals of all ages", said Keith Johnson, VP of Business Development at OMYEN Corp. OMYEN also works with retirement plan advisors. "If you consider our Enterprise Retirement Planner that financial advisors use for scalable creation of customized retirement plans for plan participants and a scorecard for plan sponsors, you will agree that OMYEN is the only technology company offering a complete suite of planning technologies that help advisors to efficiently plan and acquire new clients", added Johnson.

The Social Security tool is readily available for use. Similar to OMYEN's other financial planning technologies, it works on all different computing devices, including hand-helds. Financial advisors interested in using OMYEN's Social Security Maximizer tool can signup for free at or it for free by going to or emailing their request to, or by calling OMYEN at (617) 4-OMYEN-1. Existing users can access the tool directly by going to

About OMYEN Corp.

Based in Westwood, MA, OMYEN, a recognized innovator of intuitive and affordable technologies, helps financial advisors effectively acquire their targeted clients and efficiently create actionable financial plans. OMYEN's unique products include the Wealth PlannerTM for client centric financial planning and featuring the industry's first retiree healthcare planning capability, the Personal Financial Index® for client education/acquisition, Enterprise Retirement Planner for advisors working with retirement plans, and Client Information Center (an advisor branded client portal). Employers use OMYEN's intuitive financial education and communication platform to help their employees take charge of their finances. For more information about OMYEN Corp., visit


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