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If you plan to visit another country, your credit card may not work in some stores, restaurants and highway tollbooths, among other places. That's because magnetic-strip cards have been replaced with EMV credit cards, named for developers Europay, MasterCard and Visa, in many countries.

EMV credit and debit cards, which contain a microchip to store and encode information more securely, are used in 80 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia, according to the Smart Card Alliance, a New Jersey nonprofit that promotes smart card usage.

If you travel abroad often and would like to carry an EMV chip card, check out Bankrate.com's list of banks that offer EMV chip cards to U.S. consumers as of March 2012. If your bank, credit union or credit card company isn't on the list, it could be there in the future.

EMV cards available in the US

Major issuerEMV card nameCard typePIN?Annual fee?
Andrews Federal Credit UnionGlobeTrek Visa Rewards CardRewards credit cardYesNone
Bank of AmericaCorporate One cardCorporate cardYesN/A
Bank of AmericaCorporate Travel cardCorporate cardYesN/A
Bank of AmericaExecutive One cardCorporate cardYesN/A
ChaseBritish Airways Visa Signature credit cardTravel rewards credit cardNo$95
ChaseHyatt Visa Signature Credit CardTravel rewards credit cardNo$75
ChaseJPMorgan Select Visa Signature CardRewards credit cardNo$95 after first year
ChaseJPMorgan Palladium Visa Signature CardLuxury credit cardNo$595
CitiCorporate Chip and PIN cardCorporate cardYes, when merchant can do itN/A
North Carolina State Employees' Credit UnionSECU Visa Check debit cardDebit cardYes, for debit purchases
No, for credit purchases
Silicon Valley BankWorld Elite MasterCard for Business cardCorporate cardYes, only for cash advancesN/A
TravelexCash Passport prepaid cardPrepaid cardYesNone, but other fees apply
United Nations Federal Credit UnionVisa Elite credit cardRewards credit cardYes$50
U.S. BankFlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa credit cardTravel rewards credit cardYes$49 after first year
Wells FargoPlatinum credit card (EMV in pilot phase)Standard credit cardYes, when merchant can do itNone
Note: PNC provides an EMV version of its corporate travel and purchasing cards. The bank did not provide details.

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