One2One Living Corporation to Acquire Host of Popular Social and Gaming Applications Adding Over 1 Million+ Users to its Rapidly Growing Network of Online Communities

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MIAMI, August 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

One2One Living Corp. (LOVI) has entered into agreement with a major social media application developer to acquire several of its popular digital properties. Included in the purchase is a social gifting application that allows users to post personalized virtual gifts, photocards and greetings on friends' Facebook Walls on their birthdays. The app already includes over 1 Million Users. The non-intrusive application shows user's birthdays without any annoying invites.

One2One continues to show sharp and clear initiative in developing new ways for those looking to meet people with the clever use of social apps. One2One's mobile and online apps aim to create virtual communities where people are able to not only connect and share their experiences, but also discover new activities, events and things that are important and relevant to their personal preferences.

Included in the acquisition is a social gaming property with over 10,000 viral games and social quizzes. Other important properties that are part of the acquisition are a series of self-discovery apps, and a Facebook speed-dating app.

"As a lifestyle and media brand developing and acquiring technologies and companies that can help add personalization, mobile, social and other functionality to our online communities is key. With the boom in social media in almost all spheres of life, it is a clever strategy for One2One Living Corp to focus on communities that facilitate sharing and meetings. With this acquisition One2One will be providing its members with some of the best entertaining social games and self-assessment tools thereby creating heightened social engagements and natural interactions." States Mary Spio, CEO and Founder of One2One Living Corporation.

These acquisitions will enable One2One to integrate many social features into its rapidly growing network in ways that are more robust. The company will also be able to exponentially improve its reach to over 100 Million Facebook Users by organic means, and offer great value to members of its online communities resulting in better, frequent, seamless and automated audience engagement.

While these social applications are not specifically for online dating and matchmaking, they will enhance One2One's flagship online dating property - the online meeting place and social network for singles. Meeting and interacting with someone in the virtual world is now much easier, and with these additional social apps, it will become even easier for single men and women to find an ideal partner based on actual shared interests, experiences and social referrals from friends, family and co-workers.

The underlying Facebook (FB) technology that facilitate these social interactions are also optimally designed for creating an open environment, where people are able to view the interests and online behavior of dating prospects based on social graphs; which creates a more truthful engaging environment.  

One2One is focused on bringing transparency and fun back to the dating experience. With these newer acquisitions of interactive digital properties, the virtual world is going to become a much better place, enabling daters and non-daters alike with more capabilities. Whether it is social gaming or online dating, a user has a lot to choose from.  

About One2One Living Corp (LOVI)

One2One Living Corp is an emerging media and technology company focused in the core areas of online dating, search, social applications and content development. One2One's flagship media property is a social community that connects singles to each other and the things that they care about. It is a dynamic environment for single men and women to discover, create, and share experiences, events and activities.

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