Discusses the US Poker Landscape has brought light to the strides made on the US poker frontline, more so at the state level than the federal. The company says that with the progress made over the past few months, widespread state-legal online poker is not just a dream anymore. It's a reality for one state already and will be a reality for at least one other state before the year is over, and the trend is not expected to stop there.


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES--(Marketwired - Jul 26, 2013) - While three states thus far, Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, have already given online poker the green light at the intrastate level, on the federal level, it still may be quite some time before real money online poker is legitimized. spokesperson Mark Goldberg agrees with the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance that a federal solution is necessary, whether for or against, though with two bills in the House of Representatives that have not been scheduled for debate and no legislation on the Senate floor at this time, it may be quite some time before any real federal level regulations of real money online poker are in place.

However, Goldberg says that at the state level, as more and more states see online poker as a solution to financial woes, state regulation seems to be a much faster route than waiting around for the federal government to legalize online gambling. With Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey all having passed legislature to allow intrastate online poker, other states like Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Washington, Connecticut, and Texas, are following closely behind. And on the heels of a 30-day trial for Nevada's first legal real money online poker site and many more ready to launch, the Silver State has already made moves to partner with other legal-ready states to cross network players across state borders. This will expand the player base for each state exponentially, solving the problem of limited player pools.

Nevada's first online poker real money site is, co-founded by leading gaming executive and global entrepreneur Tom Breitling. In its first month, dealt more than two million hands and is fully licensed in Nevada for Nevada residents. If interstate poker becomes a reality, this site and others could potentially serve multiple states that have regulated online poker.

Earlier this month, the brand announced a partnership with Trump Taj Mahal Associates, LLC out of New Jersey. Goldberg explains this alliance secures the poker site a place in the upcoming real money online poker market in New Jersey once the licensing process advances, as online poker entities aligned with an established land-based gambling institution are more likely to receive licensure. New Jersey regulations require applicants to be of "good character, honesty and integrity by clear and convincing evidence." spokesperson also points out that despite Nevada's one and only online poker provider, New Jersey will not be confined to just one licensee. Instead, no single applicant will have any advantage over any other when it launches on November 26, if all goes according to plan, and things are progressing. The deadline for completed license applications is the 29th of July.

As far as Delaware goes, while regulation has passed, the state's initial late September launch date has been delayed for online poker. The state will likely go live with online casino games before it offers real money online poker. Furthermore, there is no "bad actor" clause in Delaware online poker legislation that will black list online poker sites that continued to accept US players post-UIGEA. However, all applicants will be subject to denial if they have been charged "within 10 years before the filing of the application, of any felony, a crime of moral turpitude or a crime involving gambling."

Goldberg believes that Delaware will ultimately pool gambling pots and online poker tournaments with other online gambling states in a way similar to Powerball.

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